A woman is home safe and sound after experiencing a seizure in a Winston-Salem grocery store thanks to the help of her service dog and the store’s assistant manager.

Amber Laudicina was at Harris Teeter in Winston-Salem recording video of a training session with her service dog, Koda when she experienced a seizure.

After a few minutes of training, Koda barks and then lies down, ignoring Amber’s training commands.

Amber tried to continue with the training until she says she realized she felt a bit off and took a seat on the floor.

Koda stayed with Amber as people pass by and that’s when the store’s assistant manager walks up to help.

“Employees typically don’t sit with me or anything like that. They tend to just stand around and wait for EMTs to arrive,” Amber said.

“[The assistant manager] pulled out all the stops. For as long as I have had service dogs and as long as I have actually been sick, I have never experienced someone take on a situation like she did.”

The assistant manager stayed with Amber as EMS arrived to check on her.

Thankfully, she didn’t need to go to the hospital.

WATCH: Service dog alerts Harris Teeter employees to woman having seizure below;