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Namita Thapar Ugly Fight With Anupam Mittal Leak video and photos comes through as a leak video on tiktok, twitter, reddit and all other social media platform as most social media users want to see the update of the video.

Namita Thapar Ugly Fight With Anupam Mittal full viral video and photos is generating tons of traffic as a lot of users find it interest to watch. Viewers who watch videos online have a strong desire to learn more about the topic of the video. The video appears to have contained explicit material.

Watch Namita Thapar Ugly Fight With Anupam Mittal Viral Video

Recently in a recent episode, we got to know about Namita Thapar that has been walking out from the show which is known as Shark Tank India 2 so you might be wondering to know that what was the exact reason for this ugly fight so we are here to inform you about the whole matter and about an ugly fight which took place with her fellow Shark Anupam Mittal so as we all know that shark tank is getting immense love and support but people were really shocked when they got to know about this class.

It was a quiet shocking episode where people were also shocked when they got to know that in the recent promo of Shark Tank India to where we saw that Namitha Thapar and Anupam Mittal were involved in a heated argument when they were pitching as we know the show is well known because of the unique as well as different pitching styles with the different field range in from tech to medical.

Why Namita Thapar Walked Out Of Shark Tank India 2?

So in the recent episode which is said to be the promo of shark tank India sharks were clashing over a single page and it got a little serious. So as we all know that this woman who has been representing her brands she came up to inform us about nest roots an Indian brand which has been coming into existence there are more than one lakh of homes that are a part of this they give the kitchen dining furnishing solutions according to the presenter.

Namita Thapar Walks Out Of Shark Tank India 2, Reason

Vinita was quite impressed when she got to know about this brand and Piyush also came into existence asking about the brand and whether it is making any profit or not the profit margin was between 16 to 19%. Talking about Namitha Thapar social is 45 years old and is the executive director of an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company which is located in Pune Maharashtra she is born on 21 March 1997.

Talking about Anupam Mittal is 48 years old and he is an organisation member of and he follows the nationality of India and he was born on 23 December 1974 in Mumbai. He is a great investor Businessman and entrepreneur he started this online match-making business when internet adaptation came into existence. However earlier his business faced a lot of failures but he didn’t give up and took his complete to a great position.

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One of the Disney-starring movies that attracted a lot of attention is now among those that are progressively gaining in acceptance and spreading across numerous media. This is as a result of the movie’s internet availability. Even if it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the in question movie contained pornographic material, further investigations into the specifics of the film are still ongoing today

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