Is OnlyFans the way to success?

Last month, the rapper signed up for the paid site to introduce her multimedia project, “Hotter Than Hell.” Iggy Azalea has been transparent about the earnings she receives from her OnlyFans account. The musician joined the site last month and revealed “Hotter Than Hell,” her greatest endeavour to date.
Any kind of content provider can use OnlyFans, a creator-led online membership service. Yet, because content creators can earn money from their work directly rather than through a third party, it has long been a haven for the sex worker community.

According to Azalea on Instagram around the time of the album’s release, “Hotter Than Hell” is a year-long project that consists of photographs, visual art collabs, films, merch, and all kinds of aesthetically attractive things. The initiative also includes the release of a coffee table book by the author.

The rapper boasts her OnlyFans money.

The Australian rapper stated that she was earning so much money from subscription fees given by users on the platform while speaking on the podcast HighLow with EmRata, which is hosted by model Emily Ratajkowski. The “Black Widow” rapper said that she posts nudity on the website when Ratajkowski questioned her about it, but added, “I don’t show vagina, but there is boobs and there is butt, and I am naked.”

The model questioned Azalea about her income since she was curious about how much she was making from the content. In reply, Azalea said that she has been making so much money but she won’t tell how much.

Emily Ratajkowski is leaning towards OnlyFans.

The model lauded Azalea’s latest endeavour and revealed that she had been thinking about joining the platform herself. Ratajkowski, who shot to stardom after starring in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines music video, has been candid about how she has experienced objectification and sexualization throughout her modelling career.

She said that she has made her body into commodities but OnlyFans is more straightforward as one gains followers on Instagram in the hopes that a contract materialises later.

Azalea shares her OnlyFans experience.

Azalea mentioned that sharing content on OnlyFans enables her to take control of her body without making any concessions. When she initially sat on OnlyFans, she recalled it to be terrifying. She did not really have a problem with being blatantly sexual since she is in control of it. Additionally, she only exhibits her breasts or her nudity.

It makes sense to use the OnlyFans platform since every other one is so heavily edited, she claimed. She explained that utilising the website to share visual work removes the “middle man,” adding that it’s a method for her to take care of herself without having to make any concessions.