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Jesus Christ Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo has a history of stirring up controversy. Regardless of where he goes. In the most recent commotion, Chilean beauty Daniella Chavez leveled outrageous criticism at the Portuguese. According to the Chilean model, Cristiano Ronaldo is in an adult movie with her. The model eventually took down her tweet, but not before she acknowledged having an earlier relationship with the Portuguese celebrity. On InsideS.IN, follow Cristiano Ronaldo’s LIVE updates.

Jesus Christ Ronaldo Model from Chile: Playboy Ronaldo Cristiano Controversial Daniela Chavez, a famous Portuguese model from Chile, claims to possess CR7’s pornographic movie. Look OUT

Cristiano Ronaldo never even met Georgina Rodriguez, according to Daniela Chavez. The model initially acknowledged as much in an interview that was published by the British tabloid The Sun back in 2015, but she never made the footage she claimed to have public.

She then made the decision to find out what had transpired. Chavez said that Cristiano had been unfaithful to model Irina Shayk. Chavez also implied that Messi was dating other women while cheating on his wife in her allegation.

Is it considered infidelity if someone has sex with someone who is not their partner but who is physically and mentally free without giving any justification?, she asked in a tweet. We’re not being faithful to Cristiano, then. It’s only sex, and only with my consent! Free sex is another option.

Chavez asserted that she had video documentation of their interaction but chose not to make it public. She does this out of respect for Ronaldo’s privacy. The internet is certain to go crazy if she posts the video if there is one. It’s unlikely that I’ll upload any videos. Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t respond and didn’t.

Watch Daniella Chavez Wykop Cl leaked videos and photos onlyf on reddit and twitter below;

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