Watch Cadaver Marbella viral video on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube | Cadaver Marbella Is Who?

Cadaver Marbella Leak video comes through as a leak video on tiktok, twitter, reddit and all other social media platform as most social media users want to see the update of the video.

A video went viral on social media showing a corpse floating in beach water, and people near the beach called cops to identify the thing in the water. Later, police stated that the object floating in the water was a dead body that had been brutally cut and was unrecognizable. The body’s condition was unbearable and unbelievable.

This occurred in the Marbella area of Spain, and police later identified the body found through a DNA test and learned the identity of the deceased. Stay tuned for more information on the Marbella video case. A body was seen floating in water in the video, which was shot on the beach in Marbella. The video contains a body, so it was fascinating to watch, and police later confirmed that it was not a mannequin, as some speculated.

Cadaver Marbella Is Who?

Police began their investigation and stated that they discovered a list of missing people from the area; however, after a thorough investigation, it was discovered that a missing person named Natalia was the one whose body was discovered in the beach water. Later, police stated that after discovering that the missing person Natalia was the one who died and was discovered in the answers, her head, hands, and abdomen were severed.

Prior to determining the identity of the person discovered, police suspected that the girl was a drug carrier who trafficked drugs through her body, but the autopsy revealed nothing. Police stated that Natali’s sister was summoned and that a DNA test confirmed that the girl was none other than the missing Natali. Natalie has been reported missing since December 30th, 2022, and her family has not heard from her since.

Brief Bio And Info

Natalie’s sister has stated that Natalie was in a relationship and that she was abused and beaten up during this relationship. Although police initially suspected that this was a drug-related case, they later agreed that Natalie had been abused, as her sisters had stated. This weekend, Natalie was identified, and an investigation into her boyfriend began the same day.

It was mentioned that the suspect, in this case, was Natalie’s relative, and a relationship between the two was later declared. The suspect, in this case, was arrested, according to police later this week. Though the person’s identity has not been revealed, it has been stated that he was discovered at his home, where he was later arrested by police. More information about the case is not provided, but because the police are investigating, the motive for the killing may be revealed soon.

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