After the Black and White Mardi Gras ended, many of the moments experienced there became a trend, such as the parade in which a woman decided to lift the top half of her suit to fully display her breasts. Although this scene was short, it was recorded by hundreds of mobile phones that were recording.

Given the virality of the video and the outrage over the facts, the woman apologized for what happened and pledged herself to have a few drinks, and besides feeling extremely ashamed, she also mentioned that she did not want to be sanctioned as her situation had gotten out of hand.

The woman, identified through her social networks, posted a video for Paola Vargas in which she said she would refer to some of the comments she had received and the virality of what happened, which many found embarrassing.

In the video, which already has more than 2,000 likes, the woman introduces herself before commenting on how she was on the float and whether she received any punishment from the Corpocarnaval. What stands out in the video is the way she excuses herself for saying one of the more provocative words.

“I know that a woman’s body is art, but I don’t understand why a pair of breasts can cause so many diseases”, this sentence has caused many people’s discomfort.

Among other things, the woman invited people to follow her on her OnlyFans profile “so they can get to know her more.” Afterwards, many were convinced the woman made the move at the carnival One scene is to promote itself.