Odumodu Blvck Biography, songs, Albums, 2022

Odumodu Blvck is an artist/Film Maker/Record Producer/ rapper with a skillset as fearsome as his stage name sounds, Odumodublvck is yet another product of the Hip-hop community based in Abuja. But unlike the others, he is a man whose enigmatic style and presence has been forged by multiple cultural influences. He displays his identity as an Igbo man loud and proud. He will almost always be found wearing the okpu agu headgear of Igbo warriors and garnishing his heavy bars with his local dialect. Even his chosen moniker is a reference to a popular Igbo masquerade. All of that overlaps with the swagger and finesse that comes from the influence of Abuja, where he spends most of his time in the company of the remarkable creative community developing in the capital city. And one cannot discount the impact of the streets of Lagos, where he spent his early years and completed his university degree in. Odumodublvck is as close to a complete Nigerian as there is, and his ability to infuse all those influences into his music is part of the reasons why he is able to fears the top-notch rap music that he does.

Odumodublvck, alternatively known as “Big Gun”, is now into year 5 of his music career having dropped his first single in 2017. Scrolling through his catalogue on Apple music or Spotify, one will find what is already an extensive discography. Although he primarily lays down his bars on drill beats, Odumodublvck can bring it on any genre. His latest solo single “Domitila” features Mizzle and is mid-tempo, smooth Afrobeats record. But on most of his solo tapes – “Time & Chance”, “Odiegwu”, “T.A.B.S”, “The Trenches” – he is more often than not describing his real life experiences on hard, grimy drill sounds. Odumodublvck is a man that enjoy collaborations, and that’s a key reason why his discography is packed full of tracks. He is part of a supercollective called the ANTIWORLDGANGSTARS and he regularly puts out music in the company of his fellow comrades. There’s projects like “Anti-World Gangstars” with Reeplay and “The Drop” with B.O.C Madaki as well as numerous singles with other acts inside and outside of the ANTIWORLDGANGSTARS.

The widely acclaimed Afro Drill Rapper and Hip-Hop artist. Renowned for his fusion of Hip-Hop, Drill, and Grime Music.  Odumodublvck has featured in songs with various prominent artists. Including BBK Grime Mc “Frisco for “Albany Close.” Abuja’s Top act, “Psycho Yp” for “Bando Diaries and Dangerous” world. Alpha Ojini for “Vigilante Bop” and Erriga for “PTSD.” He has also collaborated with  Reeplay, for the “Anti-World Gangstars Album.”


Odumodu Blvck has been making noticeable buzz in the music since his start. Two weeks back, together with Zlatan Ibile, Odumodu Blvck released a fire record titled ‘Picanto’ .

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